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Hispanic Heritage Festival

I just got through dancing and photo taking at this year Hispanic Heritage Festival & Health Fair! hosted by Nancy N. Ortiz. It was great to see all the dance genres out there tearing up the dance floor and making friends. When I got there the girls were showcasing their talents to African dance and then the Zumba girls rocked the house with their high energy and great dance moves. The dancing continued with some of Hawaii’s great Latin Dj’s (Judah, Fee, Ever, and more) and bands like Son Caribe and Tropic Jaz. All in all it was great to see the community come together, I was so inspired that I even stayed to help break down this event and now I am considering heading out to either Dream to Dance Studio on Auahi St or Just Tacos in Millilani.

It is funny how we all say that Hawaii has a small dance scene but if we all work together like this event, you can see how the community comes together and support with great numbers.

Again let’s give Nancy a great big thank you as we look forward to more of her events next year.

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