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Hawaii Salsaween 2013




Hawaii’s second Salsaween at Salsamor was a huge success, it took over a month to promote, 3 weeks to purchase and collect materials and 3 days of 4 hour shifts to set up. The exterior of Vice Nightclub featured a graveyard scene leading into a zombie containment area and as you entered the venue you would notice on the left a psycho clown chop shop. As you made your way through the fog there were two scare points in which people could jump out at you. The interior dance floor was decorated with cobwebs, ghost, and a giant spider layer.

The event included a free drink with entrance, prizes, an assortment of snacks, free dance classes and a professional photo booth. We had friends setting up for Halloween by body painting and entertaining the crowd. Salsaween provided the atmosphere and the crowds did the rest, friends poured on into Vice and danced the night away. The support was overwhelming as we had about 200 people in attendance.

Hawaii Salsa Info Productions was very lucky to be a part of this and last years set up and we look forward to overcoming next year’s expectations.

Thank you to Luxe Hawaii, Tien, Rod, Carlo, Vice Staff and management, and all of the guest who attended.

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