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808 Bachata Advancement 2013

2013 has been a big year for us, we have increased our Hawaii Bachata Lessons from just workshops into 2 weekly classes, 2 free club classes, and even outer Island workshops.  We have also added few more members to our team and even started a new Choreo for Voz a Voz. These achievement were made possible by friends like Grant, Stefan, Emily, Carlo, Abby, Cristal, Elizabeth, Jorge, Bryon, Carlos, and many many more, but nothing would be possible without all of you dancers who belive in us and support our efforts as well as you own dance progression. I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2014.  www.808BachataAdvancement.com

Hawaii Salsaween 2013




Hawaii’s second Salsaween at Salsamor was a huge success, it took over a month to promote, 3 weeks to purchase and collect materials and 3 days of 4 hour shifts to set up. The exterior of Vice Nightclub featured a graveyard scene leading into a zombie containment area and as you entered the venue you would notice on the left a psycho clown chop shop. As you made your way through the fog there were two scare points in which people could jump out at you. The interior dance floor was decorated with cobwebs, ghost, and a giant spider layer.

The event included a free drink with entrance, prizes, an assortment of snacks, free dance classes and a professional photo booth. We had friends setting up for Halloween by body painting and entertaining the crowd. Salsaween provided the atmosphere and the crowds did the rest, friends poured on into Vice and danced the night away. The support was overwhelming as we had about 200 people in attendance.

Hawaii Salsa Info Productions was very lucky to be a part of this and last years set up and we look forward to overcoming next year’s expectations.

Thank you to Luxe Hawaii, Tien, Rod, Carlo, Vice Staff and management, and all of the guest who attended.

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Hispanic Heritage Festival

I just got through dancing and photo taking at this year Hispanic Heritage Festival & Health Fair! hosted by Nancy N. Ortiz. It was great to see all the dance genres out there tearing up the dance floor and making friends. When I got there the girls were showcasing their talents to African dance and then the Zumba girls rocked the house with their high energy and great dance moves. The dancing continued with some of Hawaii’s great Latin Dj’s (Judah, Fee, Ever, and more) and bands like Son Caribe and Tropic Jaz. All in all it was great to see the community come together, I was so inspired that I even stayed to help break down this event and now I am considering heading out to either Dream to Dance Studio on Auahi St or Just Tacos in Millilani.

It is funny how we all say that Hawaii has a small dance scene but if we all work together like this event, you can see how the community comes together and support with great numbers.

Again let’s give Nancy a great big thank you as we look forward to more of her events next year.

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Hawaii Bachata and Salsa Classes

Hawaii has both Salsa and Bachata free classes at the clubs and paid classes at various locations. 808 Bachata Advancement www.808bachataadvancement.com and Linda Melodia www.hawaiisalsa101.com has teamed up to teach classes at Thursdays Salsamor event, Fridays Mambo Friday event and proceed to teach classes of higher levels throughout the week. The progression of our students and growth of Hawaii’s Latin dance scene is very important, that is why we even offer private lessons and hold several workshops throughout the year.

808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company teaches levels 101, 102 and a combo class with Linda Melodia

Linda Melodia offers Salsa levels 101, 102, 201, student teams and a combo class with 808 Bachata advancement.

If you are looking for information on Hawaii’s Latin Dance Scene check out www.hawaiisalsainfo.com

HSIP has info on instructors, clubs, workshops, promoters and festivals.

Hawaii Staycation with Salsa

I am currently on a staycation since I currently resigned from my job and I am having the time of my life with setting up my Bachata Dance Company and spending time with my lovely Anni on the beach. U am still going out to the salsa and Bachata clubs on Iskand . check out www.hawaiisalsainfo.com  and www.808bachataadvancement.com to keep up with my company and Hawaii’s Latin  dance scene

Mambo Room name changes to Mambo Fridays in Hawaii

I just got word that a letter was sent to couple who is trying their hardest to bring a New York style of dance and culture to Hawaii to stop and desist using the Name Mambo Room. This company is in the middle of the US an put a trade mark on the name. Oh well, the have decided to simply switch the name to Mambo Fridays. They assured me that it will be the same great experience and music. So please join them for some Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, and more at the Honolulu Club 8pm. Keep up to date with www.hawaiisalsainfo.com or get your Bachata news from www.808bachataadvancement.com

Salsa and Bachata Classes in Hawaii

For many of you the options in Hawaii are slim for instructors so thank you for considering Hawaii Salsa Info Productions LLC for your source of information. Remember that we will only promote qualified instructors that represent Salsa and Bachata in Hawaii.

Bachata Classes and Workshops:

808 Bachata Advancement Dance Company

Bachata Classes 101: http://www.808bachataadvancement.com/home/classes-2/series-101/

Bachata Classes 102: http://www.808bachataadvancement.com/home/classes-2/series-102/

Bachata Classes 201: http://www.808bachataadvancement.com/home/classes-2/series-201/

Website: www.808bachataadvancement.com

808 Advancement’s Bachata instructors include Abby Frazier, Kyle Quintal, Carlo Barbasa, and Cristal Mortensen

*They are all available for private lessons so please visit our site for more information*

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Directors: Stefan Kant and Emily Hodges


Hot Salsa Hawaii Dance Company

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Director: Greg Henry